How do I fulfil an item?

If you have items that need to be physically handed over, either by User or by Item there will be a notification next to either label in the menu.

If you search by user you can filter your results to see items that are pending fulfilment or items that have been fulfilled for each user. You also have the option to filter it further by month and year

If you search by item you will have similar filtering options but you can also search by category.

Once you have found the item that you want to fulfil you can click on it and then click the green fulfill button.

You can then choose how the item is to be fulfilled using the drop down menu; you can add a new kind of delivery method if there isn’t one that already matches what you need. A note can also be added here to remind you of any special circumstances.

Your item has now been fulfilled.

If an item is returned after you have fulfilled it, you can simply find the item again and click the red Return button. You can then choose whether you want to add the item back to your stock and can add a reason for the return in to the notes section.