How do I process a manual order?

How to process a manual order.mp4

To process a manual order with a card, go to ‘Payments’ in the left hand side menu and select ‘Manual Order’. This will open the Contact Book – search for the student by using the search box, or search by ‘User’ or ‘Group’ type. Once you have selected the student – click ‘Next’. You will then have the ability to view and select any payment items available for the child, using this, you can process multiple items for the same child exactly as the parents do online. To select an item press the basket option, next to the item.

You will then be able to select quantity or size if this option is available.

Once you are ready press the “Add to cart” option in the bottom right corner. If your item has installments or “Allow Part Pay” you can change the price you want to pay here, before adding it to the cart.

You will then need to select ‘View Cart’, review the order and then select ‘Checkout Now’ on the right hand side. You will then be required to record who you are making the payment on behalf of.

The drop down box under “Select Payee Name” will list all the users who are connected to the student you originally selected from the Contact Book. You can select one of these users OR if the person who has come in or called in to pay for the item is not listed as a user on ParentMail, you can manually input their details. Please note, this will add them on to the system as a not connected user and it will link them to the child the order was made for.

Once you have done this you will need to select the payment method from the drop down menu. The payment method you select will determine the next page you see. If you select a card you will need to input the card details, for example, a cheque can be recorded with its cheque number.

To check that the payment has gone through, go to ‘Order History’ in the Payments Menu and the order you have just processed will be at the top of the list. Click on this to see the details of the payment, this will appear on the ‘Manual Payments for a selected date range’ report.