How do I process a refund?

How to process a refund.mp4

You can refund an item in full, or part refund. To do this, click on Order History under Online Payments and find the order that you want to refund.

Once you have found the order which you would like to refund, click on it, then click actions in the top right hand corner. Then, click refund.

Select the item to refund, choose a refund amount and then click refund selected. You can choose to refund the full amount, or part refund. Please note, you cannot refund more than the cost of the item and the refund will always return the money the same way it was paid e.g. the card will always go back to the same card.

Please note, PayPal transactions will not be refunded if older than 6 months and therefore will need to be refunded by cash or cheque and mark the order as cancelled.

If you ticked an installments as non-refundable, the deposit for example, you need to click Refund Deposits at the top and this will allow you to then refund the payment.

Next you will receive a summary of the refund. Check that the information is correct. If so, click next.

You will then receive a confirmation message once the refund has processed. Card payments will take around 3-5 working days to return to the original account.