How do I process multiple payments?

If, for example, a teacher has collected payments or if you have a number of people who have paid for an item at the school office on the same day that you want to process through ParentMail, you can do this by selecting ‘Payment Items’ and then selecting the item that the payment is for, for example, “Easter Performance Evening”.

Once you have selected the item, select ‘Actions’ in the top right corner and then select ‘View Orders’. You will then see a list of all the recipients who are able to buy this item. Go through and select the names of all the people you would like to make a bulk payment for by using the tick boxes next to their name.

Once you have selected all the recipients, select ‘Make Payment’ on the far right. You will then be asked the payment method you want to use to make these payments. Please note, if you have a mixture of cash and cheque payments, you will need to process these separately.

If you select cheque, this will bring up a screen with the names of each of the recipients you have selected (see above). Simply enter the cheque number into the box. If you have added a recipient by mistake, simply select ignore to remove them from the list. Once you have input all the details, click ‘Next’.

If they have paid by cash, simply select this option and then input the amount each recipient has paid. Click ‘Next’, and the payments will be processed. This will add paper receipts to your documents to print folder so that you can confirm with the parent that the payment has been made.