How do I set up a trip?

When logged into ParentMail, click on ‘Payments’ from the menu and then select ‘Create new item’.

You will then have three options to pick from:

  • Cancel – Go back to the previous page.
  • Create New – To create a payment item from scratch.
  • Use Previous Item – You can use a previous item as a template to help speed up set up, simply change the details needed like dates

If you create a new item, you will be taken to a form with blank fields for you to complete.

If you create the item using a previous item, the same form will appear but the field will include information from the previous item you have selected.

Fill in all the details you need such as the item name, the price and the bank account the money for this item should go to.

Below this, you can hover over any of the settings to find out what they mean. Selecting them will set them to “On” or will open a further drop down box for you to select options.

Our recommendations

If you are setting up a trip, you may want to use some different settings than you would for a smaller item. If the price of the trip is, for example, £500 then it would be good to use instalments for this. You could then put the deposit in the top instalment option and make it non-refundable and breakdown the further payments monthly. Please be aware that parents can choose to pay all the instalments at one time but this will be useful for those parents that may not wish to.

You could use Stock Quantity to limit the number of places on the trip, for example, everyone in Year 9 might have the chance to go on the trip but there might only be 30 places, so you could put 30 in the stock quantity.

You could then also use the Allow Waiting List function for parents to register their interest just in case someone else on the trip can no longer go.