Why do I receive an error when trying to add users to a payment item?

If, when selecting specific users to a payment item, you receive the following error message:

User Kellie Adams has an incorrect user type and cannot purchase this product. They must have either the staff or student user types.

It is likely that you have added a student as a “parent” user type. When you add the correct user type to the student, it is important that you remove the incorrect user type, as this will confuse the system if they are recorded as both a parent and a student.

Below is an example of how it should look:

Below is an example of an incorrect student account (both user types are displayed beneath the name) :

When you click onto the student’s account, simply click ‘Show’ next to user types and click the bin icon against the ‘Parent’ user type, then click Confirm.

You can then return to the Payment Item and save the item, and the error message will not appear.