If a child is in the wrong price band, how do I move them to the correct price band?

Student in wrong price band.mp4

The most important thing here is not to record a dinner while the child is in the wrong price band. If you record a dinner for the child then update the price band, the child will be charged the wrong amount.

To change the price band, go to Registers, select the Dinner Register then press Edit Registers in the top right hand corner.

Press the pencil next to the price band you would like to move the user into. If you don’t have a price band with the correct amount you can create a new price band by selecting ‘Create Band’.

Select edit members, then use the Contact Book to select the user. Once you are happy, press Confirm, then press Save.

Please note: You cannot untick a member from their price band, you will need to move them by selecting them from within the correct price band or remove them via ‘Add Members’ from the Register Settings.