How do I setup a new price band?

set up a new price band.mp4

From your left hand menu, go to Registers, select your register, then press Edit Registers in the top right hand corner.

Select ‘Create Band’ at the bottom of the page.

Here you can create the name of your price band, the daily charge and set it as the default price band. Please note, the default price band is the band new users are added to by default if you add them to the register.

If you would like to add people into the price band, simply select Edit Members to open the Contact Book, then select the users and press ‘Continue’ then ‘Save’.

If dinners have been recorded for the day already, the changes will take place tomorrow; if dinners have not been recorded then the changes will be made immediately.

If the member does not show here, this means they have not been added to the Register. You will need to add them to the Register before adding them to a price band. Instructions for how to do this can be found under ‘How do I set up my Register?’