How do I set up my Register?

register setup.mp4

IMPORTANT: Only set up your Register when you are ready to start using it – parents will receive an email notification to top up their balance as soon as the Register is saved following set up.

  • Click onto Registers on your menu on the left-hand side, then ‘Registers’ again.
  • Click onto the available Register showing as ‘Dinners’
  • Click ‘Edit Register’ to begin set up
  • Enter name and description
  • Add members (all students that could attend the club or have a dinner)
  • Select relevant bank account from drop down
  • Click ‘Save’ after selecting bank account, then click back in ‘Edit Register’ to edit the price bands.
  • A minimum balance reminder can be set and as soon as the parents balance falls below the minimum selected they will receive a reminder – then going forward reminded again at the frequency set from the drop down.

If you do not want minimum balance reminders to be sent, please select ‘never’ from the frequency drop down. Please note, the lowest amount this can be set to is £0, the system will not accept negative amounts.

You can find information about setting up price bands below – How do I setup a new price band?

  • When pressing save this will immediately set up your Register and emails will be sent to the parents to notify them that they are able to now top up their dinners balance.