Live Chat is becoming our main inbound support channel!

Since we introduced Live Chat early this year it’s proved a huge success with schools, eliminating the need to wait on the phone for a Support representative to become available and giving you the answers you need much quicker than ever before.

Because of this, we’ve decided to invest in and extend our Live Chat facility further and focus our efforts here so that we can provide you with even better, quicker support.

Over the next few months, Live Chat will become the primary way for you to contact us for support as we move more of our Support resources onto this channel. Don’t worry, if we can’t resolve your query over LiveChat, we’ll call you on the telephone.

Here’s a look at some of the great feedback we’ve had from schools recently about live Chat:

“I must say that this live chat system is MUCH better than trying to get through on the phone or waiting for a response from the e-mail system – well done (from someone that has been critical of support in the past)”

“Thank you very much – this is a great service, first time I have used it.”

“Love this live chat BTW – did it with Amazon a while back and I find it really helpful!”

“Thanks for your help. What a great way to contact you.”

“A quick thank you, this is much better than 45 mins on the phone!! :-)”

In today’s busy world, people want instant responses and one thing they don’t want is to be hanging on a phone waiting for the next support person to become available or for a response to an email – and in a frantic school office with hundreds of things going on at once, that’s certainly the case!

You may also be aware, in addition to Live Chat we have also improved other Support material and you can also find answers to many questions on our School and Parent Help sites or Guided Tours.

If Live Chat isn’t loading, please add the following URL to your filter / proxy: