Android App Update - Monday 2nd July

Enhancements –

  • In line with GDPR requirements, the gender, date of birth and address fields have been removed
  • A ‘Select all’ button has been added for the email, SMS and Online Forms folders, allowing the user to easily mark all items as read/unread with just one action
  • Parents’ Evening Manager – A ‘Show on Map’ button has been added, which utilises the organisation’s post code
  • Parents’ Evening Manager – The Teacher/Subject list will now update in real time
  • An ‘Unread’ folder has been implemented, displaying all unread items in one place
  • The ‘Message of the Day’ has been replaced by an ‘Announcement’ feature, which offers a ‘Hide’ function to the user

Payment App fixes –

  • The ‘Add to Basket’ and ‘Pay Now’ button truncated (Samsung Galaxy 6S Edge, HTC One and Motorola G5)
  • A fix has been implemented ensuring any ‘Donations’ added by the user are added to the total amount, and not to individual quantities
  • Previously, when you selected an option for a payment item with options, when part paying the other options were still available to select. This is now fixed.
  • When processing a card payment, entering the correct CV2 code after inputting the incorrect CV2 code will allow the payment to be processed
  • Functionality has improved when a user chooses to pay in instalments
  • Orders that are partly paid will now display in the ‘Overdue’ section when the due date has passed
  • Deleting saved cards now displays in real time, instead of requiring a refresh to update
  • The ‘To Pay’ and ‘Shop’ sections now refresh once a purchase has been made

Other fixes –

  • When downloading a file attachment, the file will now open in an appropriate application if available on the device
  • When the app is upgraded, a shortcut will be added to the device home screen to open the app
  • Reading an item using ‘Edit’ within the ‘Unread’ folder now automatically removes it from the ‘Unread’ list
  • Notifications are now working on Android 8
  • When entering or setting the pin to access the app, the numbers are no longer visible
  • Pop out menus now automatically close when selecting ‘back’