PMX Update - 07/12/2016

Parents Evening Manager

  • PEM administrators can now book parent appointments before and after the event is available to parents for booking.
  • We have added a “Resend Invitations” button to each parents’ evening which will resend invitations to all parents who haven’t yet booked.
  • You can now bulk select ‘walk in’ slots for all teachers across a parents’ evening.
  • Archived parents’ evenings can no longer be modified.


  • A fix has been made which will ensure that any siblings or triplets with the same surname and first name initial will be imported correctly.
  • Users are not able to have the same email address or mobile number on a ParentMail account. To avoid an error when a parent registers, when importing, schools will no longer be able to add a second parent with matching contact information to another parent.


  • A bug has been fixed which sent registration messages out to parents even if Comms had not been enabled.
  • There will no longer be negative badge counts showing in the parent feed.
  • Organisations will now have the ability to have “Re: Student Name” on or off for both Email and SMS.
  • Removing a user from ParentMail will now remove all related connection information.