PMX V1.2 - 09/12/2014

Text and Emails

  • Schools will have the option to send emails per student or per family, which means parents with more than one child will only be sent one message (including paper messages).
  • Paper copies will now be listed by class order, by surname.
  • Attachments can be deleted if they have been incorrectly added to messages.
  • Titles (Mr, Mrs, Miss Etc.) will now be included as a personalisation option for email and SMS messaging.


  • The year column has been added to Dinner Forms CSV reports.
  • Schools now have the option to run reports off as a PDF documents.


  • Progress bars will now appear when you log in to ParentMail, providing a visual indicator that data is being loaded.
  • The maximum amount of time a user can remain logged in to ParentMail is now 1 month.
  • The Community Parent Registration graphic on the dashboard will now show registered families, rather than individually registered parents.