PMX V1.3 – 12/02/2015


  • Messages sent before a user has registered are now displayed on the feed. Parents will be able to view these messages once they have registered. Please note, these only show the last 7 days’ worth of messages before the parent registered.
  • All name lists and reports are now ordered alphabetically by surname.
  • Previously, archiving messages would show as “delete”. This now reads ‘archive’ and messages will be stored here for the foreseeable future.
  • In the view recipients list, messages are now viewed as “sent” rather than “unread”.
  • 2 new relationships have been added – ‘Step Son’ and ‘Step Daughter’.

Parents Evening Manager

  • Schools can now easily send reminders to parents to book their appointments at Parents Evenings.
  • You are now able to see a percentage figure for the amount of parents who are yet to book a parents evening appointment.
  • The booking end time can now end 3 or 7 days before Parents Evening.
  • You can now view Parents Evening class groups in the groups list. To do this, go to settings and general.

Forms, Permissions and Surveys

  • You can now download a PDF report for responses to forms.

Meetings and Events

  • For all schools that do not have this module, you can now have a free trial for a limited time only! Schools can organise meetings and ask parents to confirm their attendance. This can be done with one click on the parent APP, so schools can easily see who is attending and who is not.
  • You can now set a limited number of places for your meeting or event.
  • You can now set a deadline for event responses before the event starts.