PMX V1.4 – 23/03/2015

School Side


– Parents will now receive an email and an SMS registration if there is a mobile number and an email address on the system.


– Schools can now schedule sending of text messages.

– Schools can now add a mobile number to send an SMS, without using the recipient picker.


– Attendees will now show in alphabetical order

– Schools can now schedule events for the future where attendance confirmation is required. The event will only appear in the parent feed when the booking window opens.

– Event reports will now show all users that have been invited, and their attendance status.

Forms, Permissions and Surveys

– Schools will now be able to clear a form using a “Clear Form” button. Previously there was no option to remove the last form you had created.

– Schools will now be able to add a specific number of form responses as a maximum rather than selecting a default of ‘100’ ‘200’ for example.

Parents Evening

– The report will now show which parent has booked the appointment.

– There is now an export for tutors that will pre-populate the tutors import template with student data in reg group order – this will be particularly useful for non SIMS schools using Parents Evening Manager. (The guides will be updated accordingly).


– Double-barrelled names will have capital letters on both names. Previously the second surname would not pull through correctly from the import.

– Twins will now import correctly onto PMX. Previously the system would assume that they were 1 user and not import both.

– A user can now be both a parent and a staff member.

– The unverified parents count now updates in real time.

– Schools are now able to de-select a child from the recipient picker when searching for them via their name.

– Reports now show in alphabetical order. Please note, pupils requiring paper copies will be in class order first, then all other users will be shown alphabetically.

– Previously schools were unable to see “Documents to Print” for forms, where “Show PEM classes” setting was on. This has now been fixed.

– The Auto SIMS link will only update if there has been a change to the data.

– The overview page will now show the Auto SIMS status since the last import

– Schools can now ‘bulk delete’ to remove leavers and their linked parents. To do this, go to “Settings” and “Remove Leavers”.

– The inbox for absences now shows clear instructions for schools as to how to turn this function on.

Please note, these updates will not show on the App

Parent Side

– The parent feed has had a brand new design! It now looks similar to the App, and is even easier for parents to access their school communications.

– Parents who are already using PMX, and are then connected to a new school, will be able to see messages from their new school from the past 6 days. Previously, feed items would not generate for the new school.


– The number of places remaining for an event will now show on the parent side – and will be updated in real time, so parents will be able to see if places are running out

Parents Evenings

– Cancelled Parents Evenings will now be removed from the feed.

– Parents will now be able to see appointment information on the feed where an appointment is already booked for another child.

– The name of the parent will be included in the Parents Evening Invitation.