PMX V1.6 – 22/06/2015


– Where parent records in SIMS do not match with records in ParentMail, parents will only be asked if they want to accept or reject the changes once. If the parent rejects this change, they will not be asked again.

– You can now add international mobile numbers to parents – please note texting this number will cost x2 text credits

– Schools can now have the same reg name and year group names if they want to. For example both a class group and a year group can now be called “Owls”. Previously this was not possible as names needed to be unique.


– A “bookmark this page” icon has now been added to the log in screen.

– ‘Inbox’ has been changed to ‘My ParentMail’ and includes emails, forms, and will include payments once available. ‘Absences’ has been removed from this list and has been added to the left hand menu as a “root menu option”.

– Each user now has a history section which lists previously sent Emails, SMS, Events, Forms and Payments.

– The overview pie chart on the dashboard has been updated and now shows students with registered parents.

– Schools can now generate a report which will show a list of students whose parents have not responded to a form.


– In the parent view, there is now a new button to help parents to go back to the Home page.

– When Forms and Parents’ Evening events become expired they will be marked as read on the parent feed.

– “My connections” has now been added – this allows parents to choose which organisations they will be connected to, and allows them to unsubscribe, should they wish.

Auto SIMS link

– Auto SIMS link instructions and installation files have been added to the Downloads menu in Settings

– The Org Administrator can now turn “AutoLink” on and generate an API key – to be used in the Auto SIMS link installation process.