PMX V1.7 – 09/11/2015


– When schools update parent information, the parent will now only be sent one notification to confirm multiple changes, rather than a notification per change.

– The registration process has been simplified which means parents no longer need to input their child’s date of birth.

– The date format in Forms is now being shown correctly.

– A bug which stopped some reports from generating for ParentMail Administrators has now been fixed.

– Entries in ‘Documents to print’ can now be deleted.


– Attachments will now be included in emails sent to parents’ email inbox.

– After registering, parents will automatically be connected to their school, removing the need to go through the connection process.

– When creating a parents’ evening, a notification will now be displayed reminding the user to re-import their data before creating the event to ensure it’s up to date.

– SMS credits will now be deducted at the time the SMS is scheduled instead of at the time it is sent, to avoid schools going into negative credit balance.

– A date and time stamp has now been added to documents to print, so that users will know when the last download of documents was.

– The Sent page within SMS has been improved to be more aesthetically pleasing.


– The feed will now show “No messages currently available” when the parent has not yet received any messages.

– The ‘forgot my password’ routine has been improved so that it is easier than ever for parents to reset their password.