PMX V1.8 – 03/06/2016

Parent Updates

  • The Contact Book will be updated so that users who are both staff and parents can be selected as either user type.
  • “Send Email Registration” will only be available to send to ‘Parent’ user types who are connected to a child. If the user type is a parent but is not yet connected to a child, sending an email registration will not be an option.
  • The unsubscribe link will display in all email notifications.
  • ‘Event Reminders’ and ‘Added to New Organisation’ messages will default to summary notifications, not instant notifications. A new parents’ evening will default as an instant notification. Parents will still be able to edit their notifications from within their ParentMail account to change between instant and summary notifications.
  • Fixed a bug which previously was causing problems with the Contact Book when using Internet Explorer 11.
  • A time and date stamp for the last login of the parent will be added to the feed.
  • The system will generate paper copies for children without parents on PMX.
  • The pie chart on the overview screen will update each night.


  • Fixed a bug which was stopping Emails sent via Economy mode from sending.
  • Fixed a bug which was sending some users multiple emails regarding changing their email address.
  • The ‘Reply’, ‘Forward’, ‘Archive’ and ‘New Email’ buttons will be removed from messages sent to a staff member’s inbox.
  • If ‘Force Paper Copy’ is switched on, the user will not receive an email to their inbox.
  • Fixed a bug with Economy mode which was stopping SMS emails from being sent.

Meetings & Events

  • Schools will be able to create repeating events.
  • Fixed a bug which previously showed parents as having booked more slots than they had.
  • If parents confirm they are attending an event, which is subsequently cancelled, parents will receive an instant notification letting them know about the cancellation.

Parents’ Evening Manager

  • Parents who register within 7 days of the creation of a parents’ evening will receive an invitation to book their appointments – previously they only received this if they registered before the event invitations had been sent.
  • We have updated the reminder for schools to import their data before running a parents’ evening to make it clearer what needs to be done.


  • Organisations will be able to run reports showing unsubscribed users.
  • Update to the Meetings and Events report will show which parents are attending.
  • SMS Reports will include manually added mobile numbers.
  • The ‘View Recipient’ and ‘Download Recipient’ report for SMS now match as manually added mobile numbers will now be included in both. (See above)
  • Larger reports were previously taking too long to process and timing out – these will now process far quicker.
  • Transaction reports will contain refund transactions.
  • Added a new CSV report to Absences so that parent messages can be collated.
  • Updated fulfilment reports to include item options – such as sizes, colours, etc.

Online Payments

  • New categories added for schools to select when creating a new item – Clubs, Lessons/Tuition Fees, and Events.
  • Users who are not using Online Payments can now view our demonstration video within PMX.
  • Fixed a bug on the parent feed where fully paid items were showing in the “To Pay” section. Once items have been paid in full, they will no longer appear in this section.
  • Fixed a bug where the price of an item is reflecting wrongly for an item that has the option to leave a donation with it.
  • The minimum amount for PayCash will be £2.50.
  • The recipients list for refunds in Documents to Print will now show the child’s name rather than the purchaser’s name.
  • The recipient list in Documents to Print will now generate for batch payments.
  • Parents will receive a notification telling them they have been added to a waiting list after selecting “Add to Waiting List”.
  • The refund order page will show options for payment items, for example the size or colour of a jumper.
  • Users will be able to edit an item which has limit quantity per child set to ON.
  • Fixed a bug which was stopping parents from having a limit on the quantity of payment items they can buy if the organisation has set a quantity limit.
  • Users can now print receipts for refunds.

Manual Orders

  • If a parent has part paid for an item, and the final payment is made as a manual payment school side the item will change from part paid to complete.
  • Users will be able to select individual students when processing a manual order.
  • Manually ordered items will be shown on fulfilment reports.

Back Office Payments (BOP)

  • We have added payment notifications to confirm when and what we have paid schools by BACS. This will be sent out either daily, weekly or monthly dependent on your settlement frequency and will include details of orders paid and amounts as well as the total being paid. This summary will be emailed to the email account(s) we hold in the PMX system. Please note that this does not replace the monthly settlement and charge statements.