PMX V1.8B – 13/07/2016

General Updates

  • Newly registered parents will see messages, events and PEM notifications 7 days prior to registration.
  • In Events, you will now be able to deselect an individual student.


  • The Register Activity report has been failing to generate for larger schools. This has now been fixed and will generate.
  • Negative starting balances can now be added to dinner registers.
  • When you press ‘cancel’ when taking the register, you will now see a message warning that you will lose your changes, and will be able to confirm if you wish to proceed.
  • The Register Activity report now exports all pages if “Select All” has been ticked.
  • Previously, changing the date on the register deleted any changes previously made. This has now been fixed.
  • Previously the register would auto sort which caused confusion. This has now been removed.
  • We have added a new report, “Register Price Bands” which has a date range selector and details the number of dinners per price band as well as a total. This can be found in Reports > Payment Reports.


  • Register Recon Report and Cashless Activity report will now generate quicker.
  • Parents in the Free School meal price band in Registers will not receive payment reminders.
  • Unmatched cashless accounts can now be hidden.
  • Previously, fast moving items were not clearing out of the basket after 20 mins. This has now been fixed.
  • Low balances for cashless catering were not being sent – this has now been fixed.
  • We have limited the number of users to 5 in ‘Email new orders’ and ‘Cashless Catering Pending Balance notifications’ in Payment Settings.


Based on feedback from our customer satisfaction survey, we have designed a new registration process which simplifies and improves the parent experience.

Click here to view the new registration process

This update includes:

  • Upon registration, parents will need to enter their email address twice to avoid registering with an incorrect email address.
  • ‘Ms’ has been added to the list of title options for parents when registering.
  • The mobile number can no longer be duplicated across multiple records; if a user attempts to add an existing mobile number during registration, an error message will appear stating: ‘A user with that mobile number exists already at this organisation’.
  • All system notifications will be formal. For example, previously all messages would say “Dear Stephanie” but will now say “Dear Miss Brown”.