System Update - December 2018



  • School admins will be able to clear down historic CC user accounts rather than just marking them as hidden. Admin users will need to turn this function on; the function uses the Data Retention period and will be defaulted to 24 months
  • An additional VAT rate of ‘Exempt’ has been added for selection

Contact Book

  • Users will be able to untick the ‘Selected’ option to clear a selection, rather than manually unticking selected records one at a time
  • For easier access, the cursor will appear in the search bar when the contact book loads, allowing users to immediately start typing when it loads
  • Users will be able to de-select users in bulk, rather than manually deselecting students if an incorrect year group is added to a payment item by accident


  • Admin users will have the ability to remove attachments, without the delay of contacting ParentMail Support for assistance
  • Ability to custom brand emails – After enabling in the Settings, “Branded Email”, all emails will display your school name and image used in PM Admin


  • All forms marked as ‘Anonymous’ will no longer have ‘Email Responded’ or ‘Email Unresponded’ options
  • When manually submitting a response, users will be asked to select which parent they are responding on behalf of
  • An error message will display when selecting the exception list if users have not been selected, rather than loading an empty contact book
  • Admin users will be able to submit responses even when a form has expired or maximum replies has been reached; this is helpful when needing to submit manual forms following the expiry date. A warning will display to the admin user when they are about to reply to a form that has either expired or reached the maximum number of replies, which reads – “This form has past it’s expiry date. Are you sure you wish to continue? Yes/No”
    • “This form has reached the maximum number of replies. Are you sure you wish to continue? Yes/No” – the user will be required to confirm either ‘yes’ or ‘no’
  • Maximum replies will be counted per student rather than per reply
  • Currently the ‘Maximum Replies’ function will prevent any more replies from being made past that set number. With the new functionality of being able to receive multiple replies for the same student, replies will be tallied per student rather than per reply (i.e: 2 parents both replying for a single student should only count as 1 reply towards the maximum)
  • Details of the parent each form is sent to will display; the new ‘Exception list’ functionality allows forms to be responded to per parent rather than per student, resulting in two instances of the student name appearing when viewing the form responses, which can be confusing. The details of which parent the form was sent to on each record will be available in the ‘Forms > Responses’ section


  • The ‘View Orders’ screen will now display the purchased option when clicking into the order
  • Item with instalments will expire upon reaching the close of the purchase window, rather than on the last instalment due date
  • Payment reports will update retrospectively when updating Accounting Codes and VAT rate in payment items. Any changes made to any payment item will update the reports with the new value, including historic orders against that item
  • Default Reminder Dates and Email New Orders are no longer mandatory; users will also be able to change minimum payment amounts without any error
  • Admin users can now decide whether email new orders should apply to all items or restricted to fulfilment items. Admin users will see new fields displaying, ‘Select the people you want to alert when there is an order that requires fulfilment’ and the Order Alerts text displays ‘Select the people you want to alert whenever a new order is made’
  • Admin users can now generate a report of payment reminders and low balance reminders per student, including a date range on all of the reminders sent automatically and those forced/triggered by the school for dinner/lunch money. The report is displayed on a per student basis the number of reminders sent with dates for the whole school
  • To reduce the chance of duplicate payments being made by a parent, the Shop will no longer load in a parent’s account if there are payments which have been made which have not been processed within the system. This also reduces the chance of a parent purchasing items which have the option of ‘Quantity for child’ set to one

Parents Evening Manager

  • In the instance that a child is linked to two separated parents; if one parent books a PEM appointment or completes a form, the other parent will no longer be able to see the details of the booked appointment or the details submitted in the form
  • In parents’ accounts, evenings will not be marked as read until the last session reaches an expiry date; evenings will also be affected by the Mark as Read/Unread function


  • Admin users now have the ability to print the register for a selected date range; an option to export/print the register showing which days have been ticked per child within a selected date range. The two current register reports found within ‘Payment Reports’ have been moved into a new ‘Reports’ tab within the ‘Registers’ section, under the ‘Action’ button. The report is sorted by ‘Class’ primarily and then ‘Surname’ secondly. Also, changing the price band within the date range specified, the second row will also have the student’s details – this is to assist when applying a sort to the report
  • Ability to configure balance reminders per price band; when a parent is added to the £0 price brand, they will no longer receive initial Low Balance reminders, and when added to a paid band, they will receive one


  • SMS only schools can now use MIS links


  • Admin users can now enable a function under ‘General Settings’ to remove old items including absences, forms, email, PEM and SMS – users can select either 12 or 24 months. The default setting is 24 months
  • Contact Book – A scrolling isue with recipient picker has been fixed
  • Forms – ‘Preview paper copy’ option is no longer available for forms that have already been sent
  • Payments – For Compulsory payment items, for parents who have past the order due date or have still not paid, their status will display as ‘Over Due’ in order status
  • Payments – The Product Quantity will now display correctly when 2 parents purchase an item at the same time
  • Payments – Chase OverDue – The Payment Report will now show parents who have not paid for a compulsory item when the due date has passed
  • Payments – Payment Instalment Reminders will show the remaining amount left to pay rather than the total amount of the item; this will avoid confusion for parents who are paying instalments
  • Payments – When the due date is changed for a payment item, this is updated in View Orders
  • Payments – Parents will now see a message to inform them that they have already paid for an item in full, when they attempt to purchase an item they have already paid for that has a limit quantity set
  • Payments – Email New Orders now provides two options:
    • Select the users that will receive emails on ALL orders
    • Select the users that will receive emails on Fulfilment orders
  • Payments – A new message will appear when trying to archive payment items where target users have been deleted, stating, ‘You have enabled the ability to target specific users and not targeted any users’
  • Payments – Parents will payment instalments still to be made will still receive notifications after the booking window has expired – the item will still be closed to others
  • Payments – Active payment items with instalments that stretch beyond 12 months will remain open
  • Parent App – Payments – When a parent adds an item into their basket, and then tries to add the same item again, a message will display which states ‘You cannot buy more than X of this item. You might already have this item in your basket’
  • Payments – Payment item list loads all items except archived items; this will speed up the loading of the report. Archived items can be loaded by selecting ‘Archived’ in the drop-down menu
  • Payments – Admin users will no longer experience issues when trying to archive payment items
  • Payments – Instalments: Reminders will display the next instalment date, rather than the final instalment date
  • Payments – Card Refunds: If a refund fails, PMX will display the failure, alerting the user
  • Payments – Option names will be limited to 100 characters down from 255, avoiding system errors
  • Parent App – Payments – Parents will be able to make a manual part payment for an item with options through their school, and purchase the other half of the order via their ParentMail account
  • Registers – Admin users will have the ability to completely remove names from the Register where there is no balance remaining (this function is turned off as default and must be enabled by the school)