System Update - Due Thursday 31st May

The system update will include the following system enhancements –

  • Automatically remove inactive user accounts – ParentMail will delete any inactive user accounts after a period of 30 days (an inactive user account is classed as a parent record which has zero connections).
  • Unsubscribe from an organisation and delete ParentMail account – Parents will have control over their account, with the option to delete their account and unsubscribe from ParentMail communications if they wish.
  • Compliance with Subject Access Requests (SAR) – Schools can fulfil a request from a parent for any data the school holds about them, including personal data, user activity and received information. This will be accessed through the Users > List page under the Actions tab with ParentMail.
  • Viewing a selected parent’s feed – Through Users > List > Actions, the organisation administrator can view a list of items appearing in a parent’s ParentMail account but will be unable to view any personal data. This will allow an organisation administrator to investigate parent queries.
  • ParentMail support agents now have the ability to initiate support sessions which have to be approved by you – If you require support using your account, ParentMail Support agents can now provide a unique one-time code which must be entered by your school admin user within your account to grant temporary read-only access to your account for investigation and support purposes. This session will last for 30 days by default, however, both school users and ParentMail staff have the ability to end the session early should access no longer be required.