System Update - Due Tuesday 22nd May

The System Update will implement a handy new report for your use – the Email Blacklist Report.

The email blacklist report will show you any email addresses that have been blacklisted.

A blacklisted email address is an address that we are unable to deliver messages to. The report identifies which of your users have a blacklisted email address.

Please be aware, when you generate a new Email Blacklist Report, any existing reports listed will be deleted and replaced with the new one. Click ‘Generate Report’ and you will be notified when it is ready.

To generate the report click Reports > General Reports > Email Blacklist > Generate Report > CSV or PDF

Reasons for an email to be blacklisted

Hard Bounce – When an email bounces for any reason, the email address will be added to the blacklist. It can also be due to an email provider adding the email address to their Suppression List, the same email address will automatically be added to our blacklist.

How to resolve – Most of the time it is due to the email address being incorrect. You will need to contact the parent and confirm the email address you hold for them.

On other occasions, it could be that the user email address has been added to a blacklist for too many bounced emails or malicious activity. Please contact ParentMail and provide us with the email address so that we can remove it from the blacklist.

Spam Complaint – When the user marks an email as spam, the email address will be added to the blacklist.

How to resolve – In the case of spam complaint you will need to instruct the parent to unmark ParentMail emails as spam. Once this has been done, you will need to contact us and provide the email address so that we can unmark from our blacklist.