System Update - Due Wednesday 11th April

The system update included the following system enhancements –

  • It is now possible to refund PayPal payments older than six months by cash or cheque
  • When a bank account changes for a particular payment item, all future payments and refunds will now be made to and from the new account
  • Staff members will no longer receive payment notifications or reminders for bulk payment items
  • It is now possible to export the ‘Register Activity Report – Individual Student View’ as a CSV file

The system update included the following fixes –

  • Previously the incorrect information was displayed when a payment item, paid in instalments, was refunded – this has been fixed
  • Previously it was not possible to select product options when creating a manual order; this is now possible
  • Cashless and Dinner Registers low balance reminders were still being sent when “Enable Coms” is off – this has been fixed
  • Previously payment items would expire upon the date of final instalment, regardless of the payment window; this has been fixed
  • Removing the ‘Compulsory Item’ attribute from a payment item originally did not remove them from the outstanding payments list; this has been fixed
  • Payments for zero value are now displaying on the ‘View Orders’ page
  • The ‘Name’ field on registers is now mandatory
  • A caching issue with the recipient picker has been fixed
  • Users in ‘outstanding payments’ will be removed when the payment has been completed after the due date
  • Users will no longer receive payment reminders for instalments which have already been paid
  • The ‘Limit Quantity Per Child’ option is now working for items of 00.00
  • Resend barcodes for Cashless users with no transactions was previously not working; this has been fixed
  • Previously, the Email New Orders setting ignored the Fulfilment attribute, causing the school to be emailed every time a parent makes a payment – this has been fixed
  • The contact book now resets from settings when adding specific users
  • Previously, using the search field alongside the ‘Add Other’ tool would allow a user to be added who was already in the register; this has been fixed.