System Update – Monday 12th November

Multiple Registers

  • Schools will now be able to run more than one balance for things like lunch or breakfast payments and after-school clubs.

As a result of this new functionality, the way in which you use Registers has changed slightly. Please see details below:

  • When clicking on ‘Registers’ you will now see a list of registers
  • The existing register will be the default register
  • Parents cannot make cross register balance transfers. If necessary, school administrators can use the existing balance adjustment tool to achieve this
  • Registers can now be deactivated and reactivated at any time
  • You cannot have two registers with the same name
  • Price bands are specific to each register
  • All registers will display as separate payment items in the various payment reports across the system
  • Reports specific to one register can be downloaded from within each individual register’s ‘Actions’ tab