System Update - ParentMail Dashboard - Due W/C 11th December

Please find a detailed description of the new features below:

New Features:

‘You have saved’ dialog displaying how much in 5p increments using the following packages:

– Emails

– Economy SMS


– Forms

– Online Payments

– Events (Descoped the functionality of archiving due to complexity)

Be aware events will still be counted as savings, but when the event is deleted this will remove the saving. (This has been discussed and accepted for release)

‘Your Applications’ dialog allowing the following:

– Visual display of active packages

– Video element selectable for each package

– Package not taken enquire button enabled to prompt sales of interest

– MIS link toggle (ON/OFF)

– MIS last import information

‘Your Stats’ dialog advising the following:

– % of families receiving SMS

– % of families receiving Emails

– % of families who have a PM account

– % of families logged in using the APP

– % of families which are unsubscribed

– % of paper copy families

Two new reports as follows:

– Money Saved

– Vital Stats