System Update - Thursday 23rd August

Enhancements –

  • Allow parent records to overwrite where everything matches aside from GUID. Previously, when a parent record is imported twice with different GUID’s on each record, the second version will be rejected and an error message
  • Additional validation to imports to part reject rows where parent has Priority of 9. Setting a parent to P9 in SIMS will allow schools to record where a parent has NOT given consent for their data to be shared with PMX. Adding this validation will ignore those parent records with a Priority of 9
  • Imports: Allow students with SIMS GUIDs to be matched to on alternative criteria. i.e.: search for Forename, Surname, DOB if there is no match on GUID first, which will result in a much lower chance of duplicate records being created.
  • Ability to bulk import students into custom groups. Create an import that allows students to be added to CUSTOM groups in bulk. Eg, if there are House groups in schools and they have over 80 students in each, it’s difficult to find all the students manually. This would be easier through an import.
  • Update Staff rpt.def to not pull Staff genders from SIMS and publish the new rpt.def in PMX.
  • Remove Gender from the Staff imports. Staff genders will no longer be pulled from SIMS, and genders will not be pulled from any future imports that might include staff gender.
  • Update import validation to accept date format 01-Jan-07
  • Update Gender format validation on import to accept male and female