System Update - w/c 10/04/2017


  • Users can now import pre-admission students and parents into the system. Instructions for how to do this can be found on the help site under Imports.
  • Last year we turned off the SIMS auto link over the summer period and turned it back on when the majority of schools returned to help ensure a smooth summer roll up process. However, for those that return earlier, we have made it so that schools can now turn the auto link back on when they choose to. Please note; it is very important that schools complete the summer roll up process before turning the auto link back on, as not doing so may result in schools re-importing their leavers. Full instructions for the summer roll up will be available on the help site nearer the time.
  • For those enabling the auto link, we have made the warning message very clear that if they enable it without removing leavers it may cause errors in their account. (See above)
  • We have added a time stamp to the Absence Report to show the time that parents report absences.
  • We have updated the images used within emails so that they will load regardless of privacy settings and will help stop emails going into parent’s spam folders.
  • We have fixed a bug where previously if you cancelled out of the contact book, when going back in to select members the previously selected users were still selected.

Meetings and Events

  • We have fixed a bug within Meetings and Events where previously editing the start date of an event did not amend the month in the parent feed.
  • We have fixed a bug which was causing the time for events to be out by one hour.

Parents’ Evening Manager

  • You can now add a time as well as a date for the booking window.
  • We have fixed a bug which was causing some parents’ evenings to not display in the parent feed.


  • Users will now able to add a student to an existing form
  • Users will now be able to preview forms with page breaks before sending them.
  • We have added “Time Submitted” to the “All Responses Submitted” forms report.

Paper Copies

  • Users will now able to preview email paper copies.
  • Previously, paper copies were not generating for those with the user type “Grandchild” – this has now been fixed.
  • Postal addresses can now be added to paper copies of Emails and Forms.
  • Postal addresses will now be included within the “Pupils that require paper copy” report.
  • We have fixed a bug which was stopping users with “Force Paper Copies” enabled from receiving paper forms.