System Update - Wednesday 24th October


  • BOP-120 – We now have the facility to change the VAT rate for Customer accounts in respect of transaction charges. Schools in Jersey are exempt from output VAT and therefore should be listed as exempt within ParentMail.
  • BOP-123 – New facility to generate a Credit note in respect of Transactions Charges.
  • BOP-589 – Invoices and Payment/Refund Emails will now be available within the school’s ParentMail account at the same time. The following changes have been made to accommodate this;

– Invoice to be displayed within Manage Bank Account on Generation.

– Payments which fail on Reconciliation will have a Credit Note automatically reversing the Invoice.

– Credit Note to be shown within Manage Bank Account.

– The following text will appear to the Footer of the NET Invoice – “The amount processed should appear in your bank account within the next 3 working days”.

  • BOP-581 – Credit Note – An email notification will send to a customers BOP email addresses when a Credit Note is issued.
  • PAY2-1527 – The American Express (AMEX) payment method has now been introduced.


– American Express Payment Method is independent of Visa and MasterCard payments.

– Existing Organisations will have the Payment Method of American Express disabled by default.

– Payment Method of American Express is now available via the Web feed and the Organisation Admin Manual Payments.

– American Express does not work on the mobile apps as yet but is scheduled for December.

  • PAY2-1528 – Schools can no longer enable or disable payment methods within their account. They will have to contact ParentMail via Live Chat.