System Updates - 03/10/2016

Parents’ Evening Manager

  • New status’ – Active, Archived and Error added to Parents Evenings “search by” drop down menu.
  • Teachers first name initial has been added to bookings.
  • Warning messages when setting up parents’ evenings have been updated to remind schools to import their data before creating their parents’ evening.
  • Schools are now able to email a list of all booked appointments to parents and to staff.
  • Schools are now able to delete parents’ evenings with errors and archive old evenings.
  • The booking window will now close per session, rather than per evening.
  • Schools will now be able to make last minute bookings even when the booking status is closed.
  • The PEM Class Teacher import will now remove older classes before creating new ones, to avoid parents being able to book appointments for old class groups.


  • The Promotion Tool will now run smoother and handle larger data sets.

Back Office Payments

  • We have re-designed the settlement process to pay funds in 24 hour blocks based on transaction dates. This will mean that all transactions processed midnight to midnight weekdays and midnight Friday to midnight Sunday at weekends will be sent to schools as one payment. We will no longer see payments being paid out of sequence; transactions will be in transaction date order. This change will also enable the use of either the BACS summary email or as many schools have requested the PMX generated transaction report to reconcile payments to their bank.
  • ‘To Pay’ will now change to ‘Pending’ on the Transaction Statement.
  • The BACS payment date will now be +2days after payment made. Previously this was +1 day.